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A little bit more about what we can do for you.

If you’d like to find out more about our management consultancy services, just give us a call or email to say hello and we can take it from there. Below is an outline of the two types of services we provide: Design Director Services and Design Concepts for Branded Spaces.

Design Director

  • Creative Overview: develop the design signature & creative direction. Concept development, project overview, team mentoring, planning, budgeting, scheduling and prioritising projects and resources.
  • Company & Process Review: review of current working practices, project load and scheduling to enable the team to work at an optimum level creatively. Also reviewing the project management, accounting, invoicing processes to find ways to create cost and time efficiency savings.
  • Design Team Audit: review of design team to assess strengths and weaknesses of current working practices and the team members. With the aim of developing a more productive and satisfactory working experience and in turn a collaborative, inspiring and creative culture.
  • Staff Structure Review: to review the existing structure and devise a supported staff structure in order that projects run smoothly and on time with adequate resourcing. Highlighting any gaps in the team structure and developing an updated HR plan for the design team. Sourcing new staff as required. Review the layout and design of the office space.


  • Contracts, Fees & Profits: review and update existing contracts to reduce liability, fee structure and profit margins to see where improvements can be made.
  • New Business & Strategy: discern the target market, core offering and USP, direct competitors. Ascertain the type of project, budget etc that best supports the company vision.
  • Branding, PR & Marketing: creating a cohesive brand vision, publicity and market positioning.

Concept Development for Branded Spaces

  • Creative Direction: interior design concepts & design generation
  • Interior Architecture: design & spatial planning
  • Commercial Concepts: creating a cohesive design & branding vision
  • Analysis & Constructive Critique: of existing design, offering (USP) and market positioning
  • Design Psychology & Consumer Psychology: communicating through design and the brand ethos
  • Emotional Ergonomics: function, design flow & spatial harmony of buildings, design and public spaces


  • Value Engineering: financial planning, cost effectiveness & identification of key design priorities
  • Aesthetics: surface finishes, use of texture, form, colour, nature
  • Materials: appropriate use, sustainability, durability, function, inherent value
  • Health Aspects: light, air flow, orientation, scale, focal points
  • Implementing: core ethics and social awareness

Current and Previous Clients

  • David Collins Studio
  • Helen Green Design
  • Rose Uniacke
  • Violet & George
  • Idea Couture
  • The Limited Inc
  • Henri Bendel NYC

Prospective Clients

  • Hotel Groups
  • Interior Design Studios
  • Architectural Firms
  • Branding Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Property Investors
  • Property Developers